Preparing for Photos

By the time you are planning for the photographer to come shoot photos of your home, you have already staged the home for sale. However, there are a few additional things you need to consider to plan for the photographer to arrive.  

These are my recommendations:

Inside the Home – A Few Days Before

  1. Dust and vacuum.  Dust you may not normally notice can show up on HD photos!
  2. Fluff all the pillows in the home and make sure all beds are made tight.  Don’t forget to check bed skirts. 
  3. Put out your fancy towels. 
  4. Remove everything from the exterior of the refrigerator (note pads, magnets, photos, etc)
  5. Check to ensure all light bulbs work, inside and out. 
  6. Consider a fresh flower arrangement or two!
  7. Temporarily remove any seasonal items that may date your photos.
  8. Clear the kitchen counter with the exception of 3 total items (i.e. coffee maker, knives, and canister)
  9. Clear your bathroom counters of everything except your soap container.
  10. Remove all items from showers (i.e. shampoos, body-wash, loofas).

Outside the Home – A Few Days Before

  1. Ensure the grass is recently cut, edges trimmed, and shrubs trimmed back.
  2. Remove all evidence of pets.
  3. Hide all garbage cans, hoses, garden tools, children’s toys, etc.
  4. Completely remove any pool cleaning tools, including the Polaris type in-pool cleaners.
  5. Ensure all landscape lights are working
  6. Open all patio set/pool umbrellas. 
  7. Uncover the grill.
  8. Remove all seasonal decorations.
  9. Consider adding a pot of bright flowers on the front porch and back patios. 
  10. Power wash the home, sidewalk, and driveway.

Just Before the Photographer Arrives

  1. Hide all trash cans inside and out, even those in bathrooms, just for the shoot.  This will make bathrooms look larger by freeing up floor space. 
  2. Remove rugs / mats from the kitchen and bathroom floors for the same reason.
  3. Put all toilet seats and lids down.
  4. Turn on ALL interior lights, including side lamps, ceiling treatment lighting, and those in furniture cabinets.
  5. Turn all ceiling fans on to the lowest speed.
  6. Light fireplaces (in fall / winter only) and candles.
  7. Open all blinds, shades, and curtains.
  8. Clear all cars and vehicles from the garage, driveway, and the street in front of the home.  Park down the street if possible to free up every photo angle possible for the photographer. 
  9. Plan for all pets, their food bowls, litter boxes, beds, etc to be out of the home for the shoot.
  10. Remove the Polaris and any other pool equipment from inside the pool.
  11. Turn on any fountains / water features outside.


I hope this helps!